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Catering For Product Launches


Any company or corporation knows that a multitude of factors goes into a successful product launch. From selecting the right venue to deciding what kind of entertainment is appropriate and of course deciding on how best to showcase the product.

However, one of the vital make-or-break decisions that need to be made about a product launch is selecting the right food.

While we here at Knights Catering may not be able to help you with the mood lighting and seating plans, we can most certainly make sure you have the very best food at your next product launch.

The below points outline what an event organiser should be thinking about in regards to product launch catering.


Catering For Product Launches: The Specifics

As any event organiser knows, a product launch isn’t just about introducing a new product to an eager public. A product launch is an extension of a company’s branding. Therefore every aspect of the event should celebrate and reinforce the companies corporate identity. This brand-first mindset should extend from the event decorations right down to the food.

For example, a large corporation in the financial sector may expect a corporate buffet at their product launch, while a product in the sporting sector may expect healthier and lighter food options. Knowing the brand and knowing the type of guests is key to getting the right catering for a product launch.

Not sure where to start? Don’t worry, our customer service team at Knights Catering can help. We can discuss your upcoming event and suggest an appropriate catering to suit the business and the event.


Always be thinking dietary requirements


Like any event, product launches will likely attract individuals with specific dietary requirements. Therefore, your product launch catering needs to cater for everyone from vegetarians to people with gluten sensitivities. Therefore having additional menu or buffet options ensures your product launch catering is suitable for the entire guest list. Knights Catering can customise our menus around your specific dietary needs.

Still not sure how to go about crafting a great product launch menu that represents the product, the business's identity and the dietary requirements of guests? Please get in contact with us directly. Our experienced customer representatives can talk you through all aspects of product launch catering and suggest the perfect menu for your event. 

Whether you need catering for conferences or product launch catering contact us today.

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