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Need catering services in Dublin? Hire the experts at Knights Catering today.


Knights Catering offers clients all over Dublin the very highest standard catering services. For over 3 decades, Knights Catering has been offering exceptional food catering to a massive variety of events. From weddings to get-togethers to corporate product launches, we have the right menu for your guests and your event.
Our sit-down menu can accommodate more formal events while our extensive range of delicious sandwich platters and perfect for less formal gatherings.
As a family business with a passion for food and Irish produce, we do our utmost to include seasonal Irish produce on our menu. This insistence on freshness has made us a favourite with countless Dublin businesses and families.


For more information on our range of catering menus for your next event.

Why choose Knights Catering to cater your next event?

Professionalism Our staff consists of a full team of professional chefs with a passion for food and catering. From the ingredients used in the food prep to food presentation, every aspect of our services is completed with the utmost professionalism.

Family Business We may have started out as a small family business but we’ve grown to be able to accommodate all sized events. This doesn’t mean we’ve lost that family touch. We’re proud of every aspect of our catering service – from our customer service to the quality of the food – and it’s this insistence on quality and that personalised touch that has kept us one of Dublin’s favourite catering services

Menu Diversity After 30 years of serving events, we know first-hand that no two events are the same. The food needs to complement the service and the event. This is why [company_name] can offer bespoke menus to complement the style and atmosphere of your upcoming event. Not sure what you’re looking for? Contact us today and our customer service agent can help you work out the perfect menu.

Knights Catering Wedding Cater in Dublin

For more information on any of our catering services, please get in contact with Knights Catering today.

Catering FAQ

I need food catering near me. What is your catchment area?

We are a Dublin based catering company. We offer clients in Dublin our extensive catering services.

Can I create my own catering menu?

Yes, we can give you a number of options and you can create a bespoke catering menu for your next event.

What kind of events does Knights Catering cater?

In our 30 + years in business we have – and continue to – offer catering services to all event types. From providing delicious sandwich platters for large family get-togethers to elegant food for weddings or formal events we have the resources and expertise to provide the perfect food menu. So whether your event is formal or informal, large or small we can provide excellent and event appropriate food.

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